Do you work in and have the responsibility for the care of human beings in a safety critical industry? If yes, you may have found the resource you need.

As Human Factors Ltd. (HF Human Factor GmbH), our primary focus is on safety-critical industries. We have more than 30 years’ experience, primarily in aviation and maritime, but we also conducted projects in medicine, the chemical industry, and the energy sector.

Our main focus has always been the human being:

  • How well is the individual prepared?
  • How can team efficiency be improved?
  • How can teams be trained, accompanied, or even taken care of in a crisis?
  • How well is a company prepared to handle a crisis?
  • What kind of preparation and structures are needed to ensure that the particular tasks demanded in a crisis are completed successfully?

Answers to the above questions are always specific and unique to the context. Sometimes the questions need conceptualizing, sometimes the answers need training or coaching, sometimes research is required. We love to walk alongside you to help to find answers to your questions.


Many customers approach us for consulting with a problem or sometimes a vague idea and ask for guidance throughout that initial process. With our broad experience across many different industries, we tend to ask the right questions to promote progress.

We do accompany the company’s change processes and support our client’s planning and introducing them. We also define success upfront and track it during the process.


Our main focus is support in aviation. A team of 300 volunteers run by Stiftung Mayday closely together with Human Factor Ltd. The team consists of people from very different professions regularly trained in crisis management and available to the industry 24/7. The team is internationally well connected and able to respond quickly world wide.

The individual support for wellbeing is another service available and includes medical, psychological, legal, and financial advice and, in the case of aviation license holders, provides assistance with flight training issues where necessary.

The experience gained is easily adapted and transferable into other industries to fit different circumstances and needs. Therefore mentoring people establishing and running support systems are part of our core business.

Crisis management

Proper crisis management has a tripartite approach consisting of prevention, intervention, and aftercare.

Prevention requires preparation for different scenarios, including documentation into crisis response handbooks and practical exercises.

Intervention: Any acute crises in a company must always address three topics which are usually equally essential but sometimes different in urgency

  • How can business continuity be guaranteed
  • How to communicate internally and externally and
  • How to take care about human beings (internally about employees and externally about people affected)?

These topics can only be dealt with appropriately if adequately prepared during the prevention phase.
Aftercare is crucial to avoid unnecessary extra damage to people internal and external to the organization. If potential reputational damage is not dealt with competently, financial costs can cause companies to collapse.

The excellent news: Effort expended on addressing the above topics is usually financially worthwhile, even during its introduction. Operating processes (normal and non-normal) are optimized, and the impact of addressing employee support and wellbeing often leads to improved job satisfaction and reduced turn over even if care taken hasn’t happened yet.

Further information can be provided on request. Most probably, you will be surprised.


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HF Human Factor GmbH

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